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New loungewear for Etihad Airways

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Etihad Airways launched the new loungewear at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. First class guests and guests staying in the Residence on the Airbus A380 fleet can enjoy this stylish loungewear. This loungewear is suitable for relaxing and sleeping on board and is also suitable for outdoor or casual wear with other clothes. It is the perfect embodiment of the deep cooperation between Zibo Rainbow and Etihad Airways. It is the representative work of Zibo Rainbow for sleeper suit from material development, style design, wearing experience and product production. We are honored to develop, manufacture and supply this VIP, First class robe and sleeper suit for world's Five-star airlines Etihad Airways. The fabric used for the robe and sleeper suit is a special customized fabric developed by Zibo Rainbow. The fabric is soft, comfortable and anti-wrinkle, providing passengers with a different sleeping experience. If you have any requirements for in-flight robe and sleeper suit, welcome to contact us! We are willing to provide you with full service from style design, material selection, product production and supply!

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